Mama Monday : Sleepy Hollow Review

Hi Mamas,  We dined at Sleepy Hollow for the first time last month. OMG, I can not believe we had never chosen to eat here before.  The portion sizes are HUGE. These are very sharable portion sizes so if you are trying to stretch your dining plan to include a few extra meals, this is the restaurant you can do that at.  They first take a humongous Belgian waffle and then stuff it full of goodness. The waffle itself is light and fluffy with a hint of butter.  I have heard amazing things about the Nutella and Fresh Fruit option and I think that would be a perfect brunch type sandwich.
I chose the Ham, Prosciutto and Swiss waffle sandwich.  The Ham and Prosciutto sandwich had a lot of lettuce and tomatoes on it as well. I love that combo so that was perfect for me. I did only get about halfway through mine before I had to give up. 
My husband chose the Sweet and Spicy Chicken waffle sandwich. The Chicken sandwich was more spicy than sweet but the balance was good.  
Another perk of this location is you can see the parade going by if you are dining at the tables just outside. 
Here’s a pic of Mickey from our seating area.
Here’s a snapshot of what is on the menu:
Waffle Sandwiches – served 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sweet and Spicy Chicken $6.99
Ham, Prosciutto and Swiss 
Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich $6.39
with powdered sugar or cinnamon $4.59
with strawberries and whipped cream $5.99
Soup of the Day $3.49 Description: ining Plan Symbol
Funnel Cakedusted with powdered sugar or cinnamon $5.69 Description: ining Plan Symbol
topped with strawberries and whipped cream $6.29
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich – $4.19 Description:
Coca Cola or Root Beer Float with vanilla soft serve $4.49 Description:

Before we ordered we had eyed up the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich but after eating our lunch there was no way there was room in our bellies for that! Maybe for a snack on another day.  This location is one of our top picks now and has recently made its way into the quick service dining recommendations I sent to clients! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!  
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