Mama Monday : Be Our Guest Review

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Today I take you to Be Our Guest for dinner. As mentioned last week, this is Disney’s newest restaurant concept. It is a quick service for lunch and a table service for dinner. While there are still three dining rooms for dinner just like lunch, the area that you order in for lunch is converted to the Beasts’ library. This is not a character meal, however the Beast walks through the restaurant and then back to his library. You may visit him after you dine. He does not stop at the tables as he walks through the restaurant.
For dinner we opted for the smallest of the dining rooms and requested the West Wing. Our request was granted. It is darker in this dining room than the other two options. And every 20 minutes there is some thundering as the time ticks by that the Beast must make Belle fall in love with him by. The Enchanted Rose is in this room and there is a picture of the Beast as a Prince that changes throughout the evening. Some reviews say this room is too scary for some small children. If they are bothered by thunder then it will be scary for them. Our children loved it and they are three and one.
The menu for dinner is short but perfect.  Our table started with the assorted meats and sausages platter. Even the kids liked the options served! Then I ordered the Sauted Shrimp and Scallops dish as it has quickly become their signature item. My dish was light and rich all at the same time.  I would definitely order it again. My husband ordered the Grilled Strip Steak and the other people at our table ordered the Grilled Strip Steak and the Ratatouille. I don’t think any one left a single bite on their plates! The kids wanted the Mickey meatloaf like they had for lunch the previous day and they devoured it once again. The level of service is exactly as you would expect in one of Disney’s nicer restaurants-perfect and attentive. In addition to the food, the wine and beer list didn’t leave anyone thirsty. They had an excellent selection of French wine to complement dinner. The only disappointing part of the wine list was they added in selections from California as well. I was really hoping it would only be French wine to stay with the theme. For the beer selection there were selections from France and Belgium.  The dessert was like the ones served at lunch-cupcakes and crème puffs. The winner remained the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake.  Price wise-compared to other restaurants of this quality, the price is a good value. There is something for everyone on the menu and the price ranges from $16-$30 per entrée for the adults.  On the dining plan, this counts as one table service meal.
The food and service at this restaurant along with the wine list really makes it in line with the signatures as far as quality goes but still very kid friendly. The ambience is nice but still very loud no matter which room you are in. I would say the next highlight was meeting the Beast!  I see a lot of people pitch a fit when they are the people in line that get held up because a character needs to take a break. Our family loves it. It allows our children to have more fun with the photographer. The kids were allowed to sit in the Beast’s chair and the photographer snapped picture after picture. It was like our own mini session. The Beast returned and the boys were in awe. He is just so BIG.  The adults took pictures with him and the kids did too. It was really a fun time and a perfect way to end the dining experience at the Beast’s Castle.
This restaurant is booking at the 180 day mark. If you delay on your reservations, it will likely be booked. If that happens and you are dying to get into this restaurant, I recommend checking in at 4pm as soon as it opens and attempting to do a walk up reservation. You can also walk up after 8:30. Keep in mind the time they close varies based on the park hours. Those are your two best options though if you were not able to get a reservation ahead of time. I have personally been successful in getting all of my clients in when we have booked at the 180 day mark. As this continues to grow in popularity, it will be a tough reservation for a while. I think it is definitely worth it though!
Overall Be Our Guest gets my recommendation for lunch and dinner. Excellent food, ambience, and the Beast was just the icing on the cake. I will have more pictures to share with you once we receive our cd with all of our pictures from this trip.

Want to let someone else handle your dining reservations?  Use the contact me tab and I will gladly help you!

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