Mama Monday : Adults Only Trips!

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Mamas, today I am taking you to Disney without the kids! There are so many different kinds of trips you can do with adults’ only. Before we ever had kids, we vacationed at Disney, just the two of us. I’ve gone on a girls’ weekend to Disney.  We went on one of our babymoons to Disney. And this past month, we left the kids at home for an adults’ only get away. 
The first few trips we went to Disney as a couple we didn’t have kids yet. We enjoyed all of the evening extra magic hours, slept in, never made rope drop because we didn’t mind waiting in line, and ate and drank around the world! We enjoyed the Disney nightlife that evolves over time. We had late dinners and leisurely time by the pool and even napped. There were even days we didn’t have dining reservations if you can even imagine that!  On one of the girls’ only trips I went on, we went to the Princess Storybook dinner and dressed up! It was so much fun to be princesses too!
There was one trip that was a total escape from reality. Disney is the perfect place for that. We had a miscarriage in October 2008. Shortly after that I just wanted to go to my happy place-Walt Disney World. I was a little worried about it being hard seeing so many kids and especially babies. But it just made me happy and hopeful. It was a very last minute trip and just for a few days. It was just after Thanksgiving and the parks were decorated for Christmas. It was truly magical in every aspect. In everyone’s life there is a time for a reality break; a break to just be in a place that is full of dreams, hope, and a fairytale ending. That place is Disney.  It must have been the trip we’ve taken the least amount of pictures but there’s a few that I just really love of us.  Of course Disney couldn’t make everything better or heal all of our hurt, but it did give us some happiness in a very hard time of our lives.
Walt Disney World 2008

The next trip that was so special for us was our babymoon. I swore I would never, ever go to Disney while pregnant. Funny thing about parenthood-you do things you swore you wouldn’t do. I ended up going to Disney World while pregnant with our oldest son and Disneyland while pregnant with our youngest! You go a little slower and eat a lot more while pregnant. I may have had a Dole Whip every day. You can’t ride all the thrill rides. But you get to do all the rides your baby will get to do when you bring him/her back for their first trip. That was really cool on our first babymoon. For our second babymoon, the coolest part was just being able to spend time as a family of three before we became a family of four. (but obviously the second one wasn’t adults’ only)
My oldest loves this picture of him in my belly with Tigger!

On our very first adult getaway after kids, we opted for Vegas. We thought we would miss our son way too much if we chose Disney so we went somewhere we wouldn’t be doing things we would miss him at. This was before we had ever taken him to Disney. The entire time we wished we had chosen Disney instead. This past month we took a trip to celebrate our upcoming sixth wedding anniversary and my husband’s birthday and we chose Disney. Well, I chose it and surprised him with it. Now that we’ve taken the kids many times to Disney, we were really able to appreciate just how different of a trip it is without kids compared to with kids. On this trip we also didn’t make rope drop. We have not ridden thrill rides together since before our first babymoon so we focused on those. It was so much fun getting to ride Tower of Terror and actually hold my husband’s hand! We had pool time that didn’t involve chasing any children or swim diapers. I read. BY THE POOL. My husband napped by the pool. It’s the little things! We were gone for three nights and we chose to dine at three signature restaurants-Monsieur Paul, Flying Fish, and Brown Derby. And we did extra magic hours in the evening at Epcot and Hollywood Studios. We slept in without any monitors going in the background.  We didn’t have a stroller or a diaper bag and a few times in the parks we didn’t even take a backpack in. Traveling in the airport went faster, there were fewer bathroom breaks in general, and we ate lunch when we got hungry instead of on a schedule. One day we slept till 10, got to the parks around 12, had a late lunch at 3, had pool time at 6, and then a late dinner at 9. With young kids, that kind of line up just doesn’t happen. The best part was, other than dinner, none of that was planned in advance. We just went along as we wanted.
We took the time to literally smell the flowers at the Flower & Garden Festival.
My anniversary surprise from my husband! Delish!

I will always love Disney with my kids and seeing their faces light up. But I think it is very important for mamas and papas to get to be wives and husbands and significant others too. Our kids had a fabulous time with their caregivers while we were away. And we were given a shopping list too! They knew exactly where we were and yes we were told “Mama, I want to go to Disney with you guys.” But overall they loved we had fun and we loved the time apart to recharge. Every parent needs a break and there’s no better place than Disney to take that break. 
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