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Mama Monday : Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

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Let’s talk about shoes today.  You will be amazed at the number of mamas I see strolling, running, trying to keep up with their kids in what looks to be the most uncomfortable theme park shoes around at Disney.  Ladies, give yourself a break and wear COMFY shoes. You are going to be walking miles at Disney.  On average you are going to walk 9-12 miles a day while there.  Take a pedometer or your Fit Bit and have fun calculating how many Mickey bars you can eat!  

While these heels are definitely cute, they will not make great walking shoes for the day. The only time you will find me in heels is if we have a date night and we plan on just dining out at a resort restaurant.
For the day time I recommend sneakers or a walking shoe like one made my Clarks or Merrill.  These are my all time favorite for the parks! These are the Minnie Mouse New Balances that were released in January.

I have seen a lot of people walking around in Toms also. I personally need a little more support than those offer but I do switch into them for the evening.

I also like wearing flip flops in the evenings as well. 
Overall I think changing shoes at some point during the day is key.  We almost always take a break in the afternoon. When we head back to the parks I switch into a different pair for the evening. 
I firmly believe you can choose cute shoes that are also comfortable shoes. You want to be able to keep up with your kids so choose your shoes wisely! Your feet will thank me later.

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