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Mama Monday : Be Our Guest Quick Service Review

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Today I am taking you to Be Our Guest. This is Disney’s newest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom and it is inside Beast’s Castle. There are many special features of this restaurant that make it a favorite for the Mamas. This is a new approach to a dining concept for Disney. The restaurant is a quick service for lunch and a table service for dinner. I was lucky enough to try it for both on our last visit in January. I think the concept is brilliant!
Let’s start with lunch first.  Lunch is served here between 11 and 2:30 daily and you can start lining up at 10:30. The average wait during a non peak time has been about 30 minutes. We got in line right around 11. During peak time it has been running 45+minutes. Don’t let the wait times deter you. It is definitely worth the wait especially if you didn’t make dinner reservations early enough to secure this coveted spot.  For lunch this is one quick service dining credit on your dining plan if you have opted to go that route.
The line is managed outside. Park your strollers at stroller parking as they are not allowed in the line or inside the restaurant. If you have a sleeping baby, wear them as they are pretty strict about this rule. You line up along the bridge and wait for a cast member to let you in. They will not let you inside if your entire party isn’t there. Once inside you approach a second line to order. There are screens showing you the lunch menu as you wait. There are also Knights lined up greeting you.  Hopefully you have made your choice before going up to the ordering counter.  You will use the touch screens to place your order then you will pay the cashier.

You are given a Rose to take to your table and the food will be brought to you. I don’t know about you but this is one of my favorite parts of this concept. It makes juggling the kids, diaper bag, etc, all so much easier when the food is brought to you. The drinks are self service. At lunch you have the option to dine in one of the three dining rooms. The West Wing (where the enchanted rose awaits); Belle’s book filled library; or the Grand Ballroom that is two story and has a view of falling snow outside.  The West Wing can be scary for some kids and I will tell you more about that one next week. We opted for Belle’s library at lunch as it was quieter than the main dining room.

We grabbed a drink and took a seat. We waited about 10 minutes for the food to arrive from the time we left the ordering counter. And like magic, the server knew exactly where we were seated. The food arrives in a covered cart for those of us that are germaphobes.  After they give you the food you do have to relinquish the rose. This caused great trauma for our three year old and I am sure this is common so be prepared for that. 
The sheer beauty of the restaurant was an extra treat for a quick service. There was so much to admire and look at. It kept the kids and adults entertained checking out the art work and finishings.
One of the other nice touches for this restaurant is the real silverware. A lot of quick services have plastic ware and it is nice to enjoy a good meal with real silverware.The price is also right for this quick service especially for the quality of food.  Kids’ meals ranged from $7-$8.50 and adults entrees ranged from $10-$13.50. Very reasonable.
My husband had the Carved Turkey Sandwich with Pomme Frites.  His sandwich was actually a little dry but the frites were extremely tasty and he had to fight the rest of the family off to enjoy them. He wishes he would have tried the Steak Sandwich so opt for it if you go.
I had the French Onion Soup and the Quinoa Salad.  The Quinoa salad was exceptional. It was a nice healthy option which is refreshing when dining out for all of your meals. I also liked the French Onion Soup but it was not as heavy on the onions as you would expect. 

The kids both had the Mickey Meatloaf which was a turkey meatloaf in the shape of a Mickey head with broccoli. Another healthy option for the kids! They both at all of it so I assume it was quite tasty. I didn’t even get a bite. This mama was happy and so were the kids!

To counter balance all those healthy choices we had the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake and the server also brought us a Triple Chocolate Cupcake to make up for the rose debacle. Totally unnecessary but our son loved it. The Strawberry Cream Cheese cupcake was the best cupcake we had at Disney.  Truly amazing! I tend to be a cupcake snob. You won’t be disappointed. Get your own though because you will not want to share.

Overall, this has moved into my top list for quick service meals.  It is a Mama’s dream come true for a quick service meal- healthy, tasty options, food is delivered to your table, good price, spacious enough to not feel crowded, yummy desserts, and amazing theme. 

Stay tuned for next week when I take you to dinner at Be Our Guest!

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