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But I don’t cook on vacation….

I often get asked why I would use a grocery delivery service. I don’t cook on vacation. I don’t think anyone should have to personally! But I do use a grocery delivery service. I have used the same service for years. But recently that service has not been offering the best customer service so I am trying a new service(We Go Shop)  out this trip. I will let you know how it goes.

While traveling with small children, you already have so much STUFF to take. And with the weight limits and bag limits, it is just one less thing to worry about if you can have someone else shop and deliver it for you. Some people like to stop on the way to the resort. I personally don’t know how they get in and out of a store they haven’t been to in the 30 minutes you are given. And this is if you are taking a private car. If you are doing Magical Express, then there is no stop and you have to take a cab to the grocery store and back. No thank you!
This particular service charges a flat rate for the shopping portion and it is based on your total bill. You don’t pay a markup on the grocery items. They are willing to shop the sales for you or stick to your brands if you prefer. And then they charge a delivery fee. Honestly, I am wondering what is the catch??  It seems too good to be true. Another agent swears by them so I hope she’s right! The other service marked up the prices of the groceries, no sales were passed on to you, and you paid a minimal delivery fee. They always texted you to let you know the order had been delivered to Bell Services. By the way, Bell Services will keep your cold items refrigerated for you until your room is ready.

Here’s a peek at what we ordered for this trip. Keep in mind we have a 1 year old and a 3 year old so there are a lot of baby items on this list. Our kids eat most things at the restaurants but I like to make sure they have breakfast in the room, snacks, and some fruit/veggie options. And we

Breakfast Items
1-      medium box of honey nut cheerios
1 box of Kashi soft cereal bars, any flavor that is fruit based
Dairy Case
2-      4 packs of Lifeway Drinkable yogurts for kids Pro Bugs Berry or Banana flavors NO orange
1 gallon organic whole milk, horizon brand if available otherwise any organic brand
1 dozen cage free eggs, prefer brown
1 small container of butter, like country crock or something that is small
10 bananas approximately-organic if possible
1 small container of frozen peas/carrots veggies. Can be the singles. Prefer organic if available if not the Green Giant brand.
Baby Items
14 Plum Organics squeezable fruits/veggies for baby or tots. variety of flavors is fine no prunes
1 can of Earth’s Best Organic Formula in the red can
1 pack Earth’s Best™ TenderCare Size 5 Chlorine Free Disposable Diapers (26-Count)
1 pack Pampers® Baby Dry™ Diapers – Size 5 (27 Count)
3 plum organics super puffs, variety of flavors
1 bag of yogurt bites
1 box of Earth’s Best Sesame Street Bars
1 box of MumMums
1/4 lb boars’ head oven roasted or smoked turkey lunch meat sliced thin
1/4 lb boars’ head colby jack cheese sliced thin
1 bag of individually boxed raisins-prefer organic if possible
1 box of Annie’s cheddar bunnies or 1 bag of goldfish
2 jiffy pop stovetop popcorns
1 case of bottled water no nestle brand, prefer ozarka
1 gallon bottled water, no nestle brand, prefer ozarka, with spout if available
1- 12 pack yuengling beer
1 bottle of Pinot Noir – $25 or less range, examples Belle Glos Meomi, Schug, King Estate, Rodney Strong. If none of those pick something from Russian River Valley or Oregon
1 bottle of Savignon Blanc – $20 or less, Oyster Bay, Kim Crawford, anything from New Zealand
2 six pack of 8 oz canned coke
 Looks like a lot but the kids will eat the snacks and we will enjoy our beverages! Plus breakfast in the room will be super easy in the mornings. 

Did I miss anything on my list??

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