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Mama Monday : Disney’s Beach Club Villas

Hi Mamas (and Papas), today we are going to visit the resort my family has stayed at the most-The Beach Club Villas! It is our favorite of the villa resorts. Why do I love this so much?

1) Location, location, location! This is a short few minute walk to Epcot. Our family loves spending most of our nights at Epcots for the dining options. We also like slowing down in the evenings and Epcot has a perfect mix of things for the adults and the kids to achieve that. Our belief is that you take the bus to the other parks in the morning and then at the end of the night when you are exhausted, you are just short walk home.  You also could walk to Hollywood Studios but we tend to opt for the boat. The Boardwalk area is walking distance as well from this location.

2) The theme! It is just the right amount of kitsche for me. It makes you feel like you are at a a beach on the east coast. It is comfortable and you feel like you can really relax in the rooms. I never worry about the kids breaking anything or feeling like it’s not homey enough.

3) The pool! My favorite pool of them all is Storm Along Bay. There’s a pirate ship slide and a lazy river. What more could you ask for??

4) The other options for activities-While our family spends most of our time at the parks, I like the other options available here. It is one of the resorts you can have a photo session at and we’ve done several here. There’s a family game room with a nice sized tv to gather and watch Disney shows and movies. There’s Beaches and Cream for your afternoon snack! There’s also a character meal here which is so nice to be able to do at your own resort and not have to travel anywhere first thing in the morning. They also do an Artist of the Day for the kids. The list goes on and on.

Our villa of choice is the One bedroom because it is just right for our family. There’s the kitchen, living room (where the kids sleep), and master bedroom plus split bathroom. There’s also a washer and dryer which we use every trip if we stay in a villa. The balconies are nice sized. We have not stayed on the first floor yet, but it is a gorgeous patio option. You can have views of Epcot and the pool as well as the Garden view. I like the pool view. It is the “quiet” pool and it’s pretty peaceful actually. I also like how this resort is lit up at night. There’s just something extra magical for me here.

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